Genuine Metaris Orbital Motors

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Genuine Metaris Orbital Motors are your best low speed high torque motor option in an economical and compact design. Utilizing proven Roller-Star technology, these motors allow for high efficiency, smooth operation and a long operational life.

The motors come equipped with a high pressure shaft seal and are functional replacements for common motors in the market today such as Eaton®/Char-Lynn®, Danfoss®, Parker® and White®.

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Series of motors are:

  • MMPS Series
  • MMRSW Series
  • MMH Series
  • MMW Series
  • MMS Series
  • MMK Series
  • MMT Series
  • MMV Series

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Genuine Metaris Orbital Motors

Your Best Low Speed High Torque Motor Option

  • Displacements from 3.1in³/r (50cm³/r) to 76.3in³/r (1250cm³/r)
  • Roller Star technology, as opposed to Geroter
  • High efficiency, smooth operation and long service life
  • Spool valve and disc valve units
  • Multiple flange options including wheel mount
  • Wide variety of shaft options: straight, splined, tapered, with flat keys, woodruff keys, crossholes and nuts
  • Multiple port styles and sizes
  • Fit and function replacements for common OEM motors

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